Some links to useful resources and other cool Qlik blogs:

Official Qlik – Qlik’s official site. – Qlik Community.  The best place to post your questions and receive answers from other Qlik users.  The community is huge, keen and knowledgeable so you’ll always get a kind soul who can help you when you’re stuck. – Qlik Sense Cloud.  Try Qlik Sense for free in the cloud and share your work with up to 5 people – Qlik Market.  A shop for extensions and other Qlik add-ons. – Qlik Branch.  A place to work on and collaborate on open source projects.  Includes Qlik Playground. – Qlik Dev Group – Groups of Qlik enthusiasts from all around the world.  Find your nearest group and even attend a meet up! Qlik Continuous Classroom – The best place to learn Qlik


There are some great Qlik blogs out there and because AskQV does such a good job of keeping track of them I’ll just provide you with their link.  Use this to keep up to date with their list of the best Qlik blogs out there.