Spotify – REST – Qlik

I’ve been itching to do this one ever since I upgraded my Spotify account to premium and started using it on an almost daily basis!  What better data set could you hope for than all your favourite music?

When writing blog posts on Qlik and BI in general it’s often handy to have a data set to hand; to connect to, transform and visualise.  This is why sites with APIs are so useful and the rich variety of sites and companies now offering them makes for a playground of possibilities.  The Spotify API is free and available for anyone with a Spotify account (free, premium or family).  I’ll talk you through how I created my app…

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Time Slices Preview: Telling Stories with Qlik (Jurassic Park and Championship Manager)

This post is a just a bit of fun using Qlik and contains two videos of apps/movies made I developed in Qlikview and used in my presentation at Edinburgh Qlik Dev Group earlier this week.  The videos are of “moving” data.

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Woof. Getting the Point Across.

Often it’s easier to get the point across when it’s quicker to get to the point.  That’s why we use charts.  As a visualisation they should draw us to the key trends and figures without having to trawl through rows and columns of data.  However, aren’t they a bit boring?  Can’t we get the point across in a more immediate and engaging way?  So let’s strip away those axes and titles then see what we can do with a data set on pet ownership in the UK which I’ve taken from and stripped down to just the northern regions.  Here’s the raw data:

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