Customer Tracking on Floor Plans With Social Distancing Alerts

When lockdown rules are relaxed it will be interesting to see if shopper’s return in the numbers we saw before the Covid-19 breakout. A large factor in this will be consumer’s confidence in stores to enforce social distancing and therefore retailers will be keen to measure performance in this new KPI. Offices and warehouses may also be thinking along the same lines. With footfall cameras and other IoT feeding data to Qlik Sense it’s possible to build a customer tracker and even an alert system. Here’s how…

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Qlik Sense Quiz

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to create a quiz application with Qlik Sense.  My company, Catalyst IT, had a sponsor’s stand at Thursday’s excellent Qlik Guru Day in London and we wanted to have something fun at our stand involving Qlik Sense (we also had a hololense displaying augmented reality, 3D interactive charts).  Continue reading “Qlik Sense Quiz”

Premier League Game Changer

I wanted to build an app for demo purposes that shows how you can conduct What If analysis in Qlik Sense, I just needed a theme…

It isn’t really that long ago since Jimmy Hill introduced the the 3 points for a win system to English football in 1981 in an effort to encourage attacking play and tackle the issue dwindling crowds.  Big hitters like Germany, Spain, Brazil and Argentina didn’t introduce the system until as recently as 1995.  Nowadays it’s hard to think that teams only got 2 points following victory.  Some pundits have argued that it actually stifled attacking play; causing teams that went 1-0 ahead to “park the bus” and protect their precious points.

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Premier League Points – How to Get a Heap of Analysis From Even the Smallest of Data

This blog post started as one thing and ended up another, but I’m actually glad it did.  I set out with the intention of using a range of Premier League data to examine Qlik Sense Chart chart types and best practices.  However, after coming up with a list of around 20 different measures off the back of just the first 4 columns I decided it would be interesting to see what Qlik Sense can do with even the smallest of data sets.  With just 4 columns; Club Name, Season, Position and Points, there’s enough to take you wherever your mind dares and Qlik Sense provides the tools to put your thoughts onto screen.  The tools are not just the visualisations but the ability to rearrange and aggregate data within your front end calculations; in the forms of set analysis, aggr() and firstsortedvalue() functions.

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