The Problem With Section Access in Sense (With Workarounds)

Section Access Header Image  We’ve all experienced pain when using section access.  Qlik Sense addressed one of the headaches by allowing you to right-click on an app and “open without data” in order to access your script if you lock yourself out.  However, Sense has introduced a problem that never existed in QlikView; that omitted fields cause visualisations to fail.   Continue reading “The Problem With Section Access in Sense (With Workarounds)”

Qlik Sense Quiz

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to create a quiz application with Qlik Sense.  My company, Catalyst IT, had a sponsor’s stand at Thursday’s excellent Qlik Guru Day in London and we wanted to have something fun at our stand involving Qlik Sense (we also had a hololense displaying augmented reality, 3D interactive charts).  Continue reading “Qlik Sense Quiz”

Qlik Exam Preparation

Taking your Qlik exams and becoming certified is a great way of proving your knowledge, not just of Qlik but of understanding customer requirements, the Windows environment, business intelligence best practice and lot, lot more.  The content is broad and therefore revision is required but where are the best learning resources, how much do they cost (though some are free) and which exams are they aimed at?  Continue reading “Qlik Exam Preparation”

A Catch Up With Qlik Guru Rob Wunderlich

We can now genuinely call Rob Wunderlich a Qlik guru!  We’ve always known he was one but recently Rob was announced as one of the speakers at the Qlik Guru Event in London.  The event will see a host of talent hit the stage to enlighten us all in Qlik techniques and talk about the road map for future Qlik development.  It takes place on the 15th of February 2017 so please take a look at the link above.  My company – Catalyst IT Solutions – will be there as sponsors so please look out for me and come and say hello!
Rob is a legend in the Qlik community and not without good reason:

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Spotify – REST – Qlik

I’ve been itching to do this one ever since I upgraded my Spotify account to premium and started using it on an almost daily basis!  What better data set could you hope for than all your favourite music?

When writing blog posts on Qlik and BI in general it’s often handy to have a data set to hand; to connect to, transform and visualise.  This is why sites with APIs are so useful and the rich variety of sites and companies now offering them makes for a playground of possibilities.  The Spotify API is free and available for anyone with a Spotify account (free, premium or family).  I’ll talk you through how I created my app…

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Premier League Game Changer

I wanted to build an app for demo purposes that shows how you can conduct What If analysis in Qlik Sense, I just needed a theme…

It isn’t really that long ago since Jimmy Hill introduced the the 3 points for a win system to English football in 1981 in an effort to encourage attacking play and tackle the issue dwindling crowds.  Big hitters like Germany, Spain, Brazil and Argentina didn’t introduce the system until as recently as 1995.  Nowadays it’s hard to think that teams only got 2 points following victory.  Some pundits have argued that it actually stifled attacking play; causing teams that went 1-0 ahead to “park the bus” and protect their precious points.

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The Ghandi Measurement

Having written a list of potential new blog articles my thoughts should have been on “which one to write up first,” but after after listening to some Billy Bragg in the evening I decided to indulge my inner socialist and write up something that wasn’t on the list.  Using Qlik Sense and some VizLib charts I examined the Tories’ track record using what you might call “the Ghandi measurement.”   Continue reading “The Ghandi Measurement”

A Recipe For a Dashboard

We love our recipes in Qlik land, none more so than master chef Rob Wunderlich (qlikviewcookbook), and they’re great but they do make me hungry.  We use recipes as a way to describe processes but this time I thought it might be fun to use one as a way to describe an overall approach to building a dashboard in Qlik.  These best practice tips are the kind of things I wish I’d known about when I first started out with Qlik and that even now are all too easily taken for granted.  The link to open/download is below.

Bon Appétit!

Link:  A Recipe for a Dashboard