Data Literacy Resources

Following on from my interview with Jordan Morrow – Global Head of Data Literacy – from Qlik I have put together a list of data literacy resources.  You can use these to further not only your own data literacy but to get the discussions flowing within your organisation: 

I will add to this over time but please also add a comment below if you are aware of any other useful resources.

  • Gartner – Articles and webinars

  • Qlik Data Literacy Programme – Webinars, videos, certification, articles

  • Qlik’s free data literacy assessment

  • DataBasic – Fun, interactive online games and tools on data literacy.  Even upload a csv, get instant analysis and an understanding of your data

  • DataBasic’s culture tools give you fun ideas on how to run data literacy sessions in your organisation

  • Rahul Bhargava presented at Qonnections 2018 on data literacy with Jordon.  He also helps run the above site/project

  • Jordan Morrow‘s twitter page

  • A blog post I wrote in 2016 on understanding data and how it can be manipulated to tell untruths

blog post

  • Data Literacy Info – Another site from Qlik

2 thoughts on “Data Literacy Resources

  1. Just to add a book, I would recommend reading Data Fluency: Empowering Your Organization with Effective Data Communication by Zach Gemignani et al.
    In my opinion, the data visualization design principles discussed in the book are not optimal, so I would skip this part.
    Does anybody else have any recommendations for books on data literacy?


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