A Catch Up With Qlik Guru Rob Wunderlich

We can now genuinely call Rob Wunderlich a Qlik guru!  We’ve always known he was one but recently Rob was announced as one of the speakers at the Qlik Guru Event in London.  The event will see a host of talent hit the stage to enlighten us all in Qlik techniques and talk about the road map for future Qlik development.  It takes place on the 15th of February 2017 so please take a look at the link above.  My company – Catalyst IT Solutions – will be there as sponsors so please look out for me and come and say hello!
Rob is a legend in the Qlik community and not without good reason:

His excellent website QlikViewCookbook, the life saving apps he creates – such as the Document Analyser, his educational Masters Summit, a Qlik Luminary, the ever distinctive hat, the list goes on…
So with news of the Guru event coming along at the same time I heard Rob is starting a new chapter in his career I thought it would be a great moment to catch up with him and ask a few questions:
How did you first get into Qlik and how just how much do you think things have changed over the years?
I first stumbled into QlikView in 2006 while working for a manufacturing employer.  I immediately feel in love with it and when I returned to consulting I made it my sole practice.  When I started with QV, I had the feeling that I could become adept at and consult on all aspects – scripting, UI, Server, etc.  I think at one time I could claim to “know 90%” of the product.  But the product landscape has grown so much! NPrinting, Connectors, Qlik Sense, extensions, third-party tools. I no longer believe one person can become an expert at all of it.  I have to chose some focus.
I’ve just seen your fantastic news that you’re joining Websy. Congratulations. Are you looking forward to a new challenge?
I’m always looking to try something new.  I’m intrigued by the possibilities of the Sense platform and I’m looking forward to innovating with the websy team and sharing with others through our training offerings.
Go on… what’s your favourite chart/extension?
Scatter chart.  I like the way it can uncover patterns and provides for selecting and focusing clusters.
Any Qlikview features you miss in Sense?
“Text as Popup”.  I like the way you can add lots of contextual information to chart popups. I make use of this feature a lot.
You’ve done quite a few Masters Summits now. Is that something you enjoy (teaching others and passing on your knowledge)?
I find training very rewarding.  It’s exciting to watch someone get those aha moments with Qlik as they gain competency.  I’m also a learner as an instructor. I learn more about the product, how people use Qlik and how people learn.
I’m really looking forward to the Qlik Dev Group Guru Event in London (which my company Catalyst IT Solutions are sponsoring). You’re one if the speakers on the day. Can you tell us what to expect?
I’ll be presenting a set of tools and techniques to automate the quality testing of your Qlik apps. I’ll demonstrate the Qlik Scalability tool and perhaps some vendor options as well.  And expect at least one hat.
Cheers Rob!

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