Time Slices Preview: Telling Stories with Qlik (Jurassic Park and Championship Manager)

This post is a just a bit of fun using Qlik and contains two videos of apps/movies made I developed in Qlikview and used in my presentation at Edinburgh Qlik Dev Group earlier this week.  The videos are of “moving” data.


The presentation was all about time slices and storytelling using Qlik.  I examined the similarities between stories (both books and films) and data storage/modelling.  I then showed different ways of telling stories using tools available in Qlik (or as extensions) and explained how our minds are able to consume vast amounts of information when story formats are used.

To demonstrate these points and have some fun I recreated a scene from Jurassic Park using Qlikview and then later simulated a match from every male’s favourite (and every long suffering wife’s most hated) 90’s game Championship Manager.  The videos are below.


Also, apologies for the lack of posts recently.  Just 2 days ago I finished my job with the University of Sunderland and in 2 weeks time I start life as a developer/consultant with Catalyst IT .  The transition has meant I’ve been pretty busy of late.

However, I’ve got plenty lined up for the blog over the coming months so fear not, more adventures in Qlik await.

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